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Hent data fra skadede eller ødelagte PDF-dokumenter

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Filene forblir private. Automatisk slettet etter to timer.
Gratis tjeneste for documenter opptil 200 sider eller 50 MB and 3 tasks per hour.

Hvordan Reparere PDF Filer på Nett

Below we show how to recover data from a corrupted or damaged PDF documents.

Step 1: Select your files

Files are uploaded over a secure connection. They stay safe and private. They are deleted after you are done processing them.

Rather not upload your files and work with them on your computer?
Use Sejda Desktop. Offers same features as the online service, and the files are processed locally.

Click Upload PDF files and select files from your local computer. Folders can be selected as well.

Dragging and dropping files to the page also works.

Dropbox or Google Drive files

You can pick PDF files from Dropbox or Google Drive too.

Expand the Upload PDF files dropdown and select your files.

Step 2: Repair PDF

Click the Repair PDF button and wait for the task to complete.

Ready to repair your files? Let's go!

Repair PDF files online